The Process

If you would like to become a published author, instead of just a writer then you have come to the right place.

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Send us a message with the following information.:

Describe Your Book:

What is the story you are trying to tell?  Please give us a short 2-3 sentence synopsis and word count of your book.  What do you feel is special about your book?   Why do you think people will wish to buy your book?

Describe Yourself:

What is your background?   What inspired the passion to write your book?  Do you have any previous publications?  How do you plan to  promote your book?

What Happens Next?

We will review the information that you send and we will email you a response within one week.  If we feel that your submission meets our needs, we will ask for you to send us your complete manuscript for further review.  Within two weeks to one month we will either offer you a contract or suggest the changes that need to be made before we can consider it further.


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