Overcoming Obstacles











Our biggest obstacle when it comes to writing is our own minds.  Our minds store our negative feelings, emotions, and insecurities.  Our minds also store all of our positive feelings and emotions.  When you are struggling to complete a portion of what you are writing STOP and think about what is preventing you from continuing.  Is it fear?  Fear that your work won’t be accepted?  Fear that it won’t be good enough?

As a person we put up our guards and we put up walls to prevent being hurt or upset.  You may have trouble releasing your creative thoughts.  Fear of being judged for your views or perspectives.  Allow yourself to express whatever comes to you even if it feels a little awkward.  Don’t give up, just keep pressing forward.

How bad do you want it?  The longer you put it off the harder it will be for you to start back up.  Each time you realize that you could’ve been working on your writing and you didn’t the guilt and self judgement will creep in which in turn opens up other negative thoughts in your mind, “I’m not good enough.  It’s harder than I thought.  I’m probably not even going to get it published anyway, so why try?”

When you find yourself in these dark places in your mind you must stop your thought process.  Close your eyes and clear your mind of all thoughts.  Take some deep breaths and exhale and release all the negativity.  Once your mind is clear you need to focus on your true desire to write and how good you feel when you are in the glow and writing.  See yourself completing your book.  See it published.  See it.  Mentally reach out to people who carry the creative energy you desire.  Think about the feeling of satisfaction of completing that which you started out to do.

The more you focus on the positive  the easier it will be to overcome anything that appears as an obstacle.

Just keep writing!

Jarrett Lopez

About Jarrett:

Psychic medium Jarrett is renowned for spiritually connecting with individuals and bringing out the truth regarding their circumstances and questions about the direction of their lives. As a compassionate and understanding medium, he has no judgment about what he sees.

He began using his gift in a professional capacity in 2010 after suffering a severe brain injury in 2009 that only served to magnify Jarrett’s abilities.  He provides insight, inspiration and meditation for clientele via audio and video through his recently launched website My Guide to Insight and Facebook Page.

Jarrett enjoys writing in his spare time.