Scheduling Success by Geva Salerno

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A lot of people think writing a book is some kind of mystical process. I approached writing my book Center of Gravity the way I did every other major project I have undertaken – like work. Initially, I didn’t even want to write Center of Gravity. I interviewed five different ghostwriters and none of them seemed quite right. After making the decision to write it myself, I set up a schedule.

Many people enjoy writing every day. I am not one of them. Actually, I don’t like doing anything every day. My brain seems to rebel after the third or fourth day of any activity I try to do daily. For example, I alternate yoga and meditation every morning because I have found that I can’t stand either one of them day after day.

When I set up the writing schedule I chose Monday, Wednesday and Friday for writing. The alternating days I focused on my art and consulting practice. When it was time to write I sat down and did it. I treated it the same way I would if I worked for someone else. I showed up because it was time to show up.

Alternating writing with another activity also helped clear my mind. Every time I returned to writing I felt refreshed and renewed. This allowed me to write for as much as eight hours straight at times. (Sometimes I was not that productive!)

For me, it always helps to put a schedule on paper. Seeing it clearly on paper makes it more real for me. Since I recently finished the book I have once again revised the schedule. I am now writing in the mornings and focusing on marketing the book in the afternoons.

When it comes to scheduling, I think the most important thing is to create a schedule that is realistic, one that you can commit to. Sometimes it’s better to start small and increase the amount of time as you go along than to overwhelm yourself. The point is to find a schedule that works for you. Setting up a schedule that you can definitely commit to is a strong strategy that will eventually yield success.


Bio: Geva Salerno is an author, artist, musician and speaker. She is a member of the Gulf Coast Writers Association of Lee County Florida and is both a creative and technical writer. She is passionate about understanding the world and seeks to inspire others through her writing. Her latest book, Center of Gravity, is a memoir which chronicles her year-long experiment in re-inventing and reclaiming her life. Ms. Salerno has degrees in science and international policy. She started her spiritual journey at the age of 15 and has lived in both India and Mexico.

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