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Reader Magnets: Build Your Author Platform and Sell more Books on Kindle (Book Marketing for Authors 1)
Free video training for authors – get the step-by-step system I use to make a six-figure income with self-publishing -> yourfirst10kreaders.com (just copy and paste into your browser)

Reader Magnets are what bring readers to YOU.

They’re an irresistible force that draw readers in to your author platform – the promise of getting great value content and building a valuable connection. That’s what it’s all about, after all – making meaningful relationships with your audience and having a direct line to your readers.

I started using Reader Magnets a little over six months ago. I didn’t even have a term for it back then. Since I put these measures in place, over 15,000 readers have signed up to hear from me about new releases and promotions – all in just a few months.

My readers trust me with their contact details for good reason. I give them good content. In return, they buy my books. These guys are my fans. I appreciate every last one of them – and they’re the reason I get to write for a living.

What Reader Magnets Have Done for Me:

– My last email – I made $547 in book sales.
– I launch every new book into the top #900 or better.
– I don’t need to rely on Amazon for an income.
– I don’t need to pay advertisers to get sales.
– I saw my first 1,000 subscribers after just a couple of weeks.
– My click-rate is five times higher than the industry average
– My open-rate is more than double


It’s all about getting readers to commit. Get their email addresses. Follow up. Build value. Build your brand.

Let me repeat the headline again: I picked up 15,000 new reader email addresses in less time than it takes for most people to write a new book. I got my first 1,000 readers signed up in just a couple of weeks. My click-rates are through the roof. I do this with Reader Magnets – and you can too.

Download the ebook to find out how – as well as the ebook edition, you’ll also get:

– access to my course “Find your First 10,000 Readers” for free
– a PDF edition of the book (in case your ereader doesn’t handle screenshots well)
– the chance to get your burning questions answered at the Reader Magnets community

Here’s to your success!

Promote Your Kindle Books For Free With a Just a Gmail Address and a Microphone: Free Bonus Authors’ Promotion Kit included
Promote Your Kindle Books For Free With a Just a Gmail Address and a Microphone

Free Bonus Authors’ Promotion Kit included

Want to sell more of your books on Kindle or anywhere else? I am going to go through, step by step, how you can promote your books for free simply by using a Gmail address and a microphone. That’s all you need to promote your books using the techniques I am going to show you in this book. A Gmail address and a microphone. Well, and some social media accounts but they are free also.
What you are going to read about are the same promotional techniques I have taught myself as I have looked for additional ways to promote my books. Step-by-step screenshots are included also to walk you through it.
Contents include:
# Getting set up
# Create video previews of your books and promote them using G—–e H——s without appearing on camera
# Automatically appear on Y—uT–e (and you DO NOT have to appear on camera)
# Using “sound bites” to promote your books on S——–D using free software for recording
# Social media sharing
# And more…
All simply by using that Gmail address and a microphone. I have taught myself these same techniques as I have researched and explored promotional avenues for my own Kindle books and now show you how I have done it so you can do the same and, I hope, enjoy additional sales.

And there’s the free bonus included of the authors’ promotion kit for you.
The free bonus authors’ promotion kit I have prepared and included as a free bonus includes an action checklist, book submission template and much more to help you promote your books and make more sales. I give this away as a bonus with one of my other books but I’m including it with this book as well for you.

MAKE MONEY WRITING: 5-Minute Marketing for Authors: Get More Sales for Your Books in Just 5 Minutes a Day
Spend just 5 minutes a day promoting your books to bestseller status!

Are you a published author looking to promote your book or books?

Are you hoping to publish a book soon and wondering how you are going to promote your new book?

Do you have a “day job” and not enough time to promote your books, even though you want your books to become your “day job”?

If you have books to promote and no time, this book can help. Inside you will find:

– an explanation of book promotion strategies that can take only 5 minutes a day to perform

– a list of “to do” items that are recommended to be completed before you start the 5-minute marketing plan

– a 90-day marketing plan for your book that only takes 5 minutes a day to complete, and

– a customizable Word template so that you can create your own 90-day, 5-minute marketing plan!

Smashwords Book Marketing Guide – How to Market any Book for Free (Smashwords Guides 2)
Learn how to market any book. This popular book marketing primer has helped over 100,000 authors and publishers dramatically improve their book marketing results.

The Smashwords Book Marketing Guide contains practical, easy-to-implement advice on how to market any book. 41 simple, do-it-yourself marketing tips explain not what you can do to market your book, but also explain the context and thinking behind each recommendation. The marketing techniques apply equally well to both ebooks and print books.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Smashwords Book Marketing Guide:

Table of Contents

Introduction: About the Smashwords Book Marketing Guide
Background on Smashwords
Setting expectations
How Smashwords helps authors and publishers market books
Adopting a proactive marketing mindset
Marketing starts now
Hyperlinks help readers discover books
The importance of authors helping authors

41 Marketing Tips (all free to implement!)
Tip #1 – Update your email signature
Tip #2 – Post a notice on your web site or blog
Tip #3 – Contact your friends, family, co-workers and fans
Tip #4 – Post a notice to your social networks
Tip #5 – Update your message board signatures
Tip #6 – How to reach readers with Twitter
Tip #7 – Publish more than one book to create a multiplier effect
Tip #8 – Advertise your other books in each book you publish
Tip #9 – Make it easy for your readers to connect with you
Tip #10 – Issue a press release on a free PR wire service
Tip #11 – Join HARO, Help-a-reporter-online for free press leads
Tip #12 – Encourage fans to purchase and review your book
Tip #13 – Write thoughtful reviews for other books
Tip #14 – Participate in online forums
Tip #15 – Experiment with coupons
Tip #16 – Write a blog
Tip #17 – Write guest columns for blogs
Tip #18 – Invite other authors to post to your blog
Tip #19 – Do Q&A interviews of other authors on your blog
Tip #20 – Join the conversation on blogs
Tip #21 – Organize a blog tour
Tip #22 – Use Google Alerts to discover where the conversations are taking place
Tip #23 – Leverage YouTube videos to reach readers
Tip #24 – Print up business cards
Tip #25 – Encourage your fans to become affiliate marketers of your book
Tip #26 – Create a reader’s guide at the end of your book
Tip #27 – Insert sample chapters from your other books
Tip #28 – Do a sample chapters swap with another author
Tip #29 – Invite other authors to join you at Smashwords
Tip #30 – Promote your book to the top ebook listing sites
Tip #31 – Read the Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success
Tip #32 – Upgrade your cover image
Tip #33 – Share these marketing tips with your fellow authors!
Tip #34 – Create an online calling card with About.me
Tip #35 – Create a presentation and upload it to SlideShare.net
Tip #36 – Join LinkedIn, post links to your books
Tip #37 – Do a presentation at your local library on ebook publishing
Tip #38 – Tweak your Viral Catalysts to make your book more discoverable and desirable
Tip #39 – Link to every retailer to reach more readers
Tip #40 – Distribute your book as a preorder
Tip #41 – Publish a Smashwords Interview


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