Writer’s Block? by Carol Hollenbeck

In my opinion, and this is only my experience, I do not believe in writer’s block.
However, having said that in my experience I haven’t had to deal much with a blank page.
Because the many stories or books that I have written were started years ago.
For some reason I had to put them aside because of whatever else was going on in my life. For example, I began to write my novel “True Blondes’ a few decades ago, I stopped because at that time I was an actress and acting jobs became my priority. Finally, after giving up the acting business, I wrote a short film script which I coproduced. When that project was complete I then picked up my true passion and that was, to finish my novel True Blondes.
There were plenty of pages in the book that had already been written from a long time ago, which I had to edit and trim down a bit. Unlike writer’s block, where the writer stares at the empty page, I was looking at pages that had plenty of words. All I had to do was to correct or edit them and then add more scenes to the book.
My advice to other writers is, you have to have the passion, writing is like having a demon on each shoulder peering down at you to get started, and the demon does not rest until it is fed with your words on the page.
Most teachers or books on writing will say that in order to write you must write every day. That very well might work for other writers, however it does not work for me. I have to be inspired, so it could be several days after I have started a new project or a play and do not get back to it right away. Like the demon I mentioned it is always on my shoulder, but I manage to keep it at bay, until I cannot stand it any longer. That is when I sit down and “write away”, as they say. When the beast is fed, I can then go to bed and sleep peacefully knowing I had accomplished something good. The new novella I am working on was started years ago. ‘Shades of Blonde Madness ” should finally be complete by the end of this summer. Yeah, keep on writing, however you choose to do it. JUST DO IT.
Carol Hollenbeck a True Blonde survivor.
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